Friends of Vicksburg
National Military Park & Campaign

Land Preservation

We are proud to partner with the Civil War Trust, the nation’s largest non-profit battlefield organization, to preserve 11 acres of pristine ground along the historic Southern Railroad – the very first acres the Trust has saved of the Vicksburg battlefield.  Help us save this hallowed ground from potential development.

As you can see in the battle map, these 11 acres, very near the famed “Railroad Redoubt,” witnessed intense action on the May 22, 1863 assault by the Union XIII Corps, Union Army of the Tennessee against the Confederate Vicksburg defenses. One of the Confederate defenders, Lt. J.M. Pearson of the 13th Alabama, described the Union attack saying, “…they seemed to be springing from the bowels of the earth, a long line of indigo, a magnificent line in each direction…It was a grand and appalling sight.”
Iowans from the 22nd Iowa breached the wall and fought in a desperate hand to hand struggle, but were driven back when no reinforcements were at hand.  The mounting casualty lists on this day of battle convinced U.S. Grant that it was time to begin a siege.

During the course of the 47-day long siege of Vicksburg, the camps of the 22nd and 23rd Iowa Infantry as well as the 42nd Ohio Infantry were located on the same ground we are saving.

This land has not been developed and is adjacent to Vicksburg National Military Park property.  A portion is zoned for commercial use and is under tremendous development pressure due to a proposed expansion of nearby Interstate 20.  Because of its zoning and value for development, these 11 acres will cost approximately $720,000.  The Friends of Vicksburg National Military Park and Campaign has pledged to raise $20,000 for the project.  Our contribution paired with fundraising efforts by the Civil War Trust and a federal grant of $360,000 will preserve this important ground before it is too late. 

Please help today!  We welcome any contribution for this worthy cause, please click here to make a contribution.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and for joining our efforts to preserve history and save this hallowed ground.